Io Interactive is gearing up for the release of Hitman: The Complete First Season in January next year, finally making Agent 47’s globetrotting hit trip playable offline. In its current episodic form progress is both lost or not recorded at all when you lose your connection, meaning would-be assassins had to play Hitman online at all times or poisoning the ice cream may have all been in vain.

As part of the November update this restriction has at long last been lifted. Better late than never, although I still can’t believe this was ever an issue in a totally single-player game, for a full nine months. Hopefully publisher Square Enix has learnt a thing or two from this situation.

The new Offline Profile keeps tracks of your rewards and unlocks and makes them all available offline, including level master items such as weapons, gear, starting locations and outfits. The catch is that you’ll need to connect online after something is unlocked to make it available for use offline. Quite a frustrating solution it has to be said.

Aside from this the November update for Hitman includes a number of stability to fixes to prevent game crashes and a UI overhaul. Statistics are now more in depth; you get notified when you achieve a Silent Assassin rating, and completed opportunities are now checked off a list.

Lastly, in a strange turn of events there’s a new move for 47’s repertoire which has been added but will be pulled next month. He can pull people off of balconies or through windows, sending them plummeting to their death. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess) it seems a bug means that NPCs won’t suspect 47 of doing it even if they were staring straight at him. As it was too late to fix this, Io is letting players run riot with it until next month’s update.

The November update is just the first of a number of "major game updates that will tweak the game and add new content leading up to the launch of the disc-based edition early next year, and beyond that into season two."

Hitman: The Complete First Season is out on January 31st.

With all these sweeping changes that have been made to the sublime Hitman, are you ready to hop on board the good ship murder with the complete edition? Or do you still feel stung by the shift to episodes? Let us know!

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