Titanfall 2 launched to some absolutely stellar reviews. As well it should because it’s top stuff all around. Unfortunately the critical acclaim doesn’t appear to have quite tallied up with its commercial success. So much so that the multiplayer is perhaps a bit lacking in players if the announcement of a free weekend on PC is anything to go by.

Those signed up to the EA Origin Access program will be able to play from today, November 30th, while everyone else on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to access Titanfall 2’s multiplayer from December 2nd through to December 4th.

The free trial contains the entirety of Titanfall 2’s multiplayer without limits. There’s unlimited play time and progress transfers over to full game if you decide to buy it. Sounds like a fair deal to me. If you’ve had a passing interest in Titanfall 2, now is the time to give it a crack.

In addition to this, the first free set of DLC for Titanfall 2 is launching this weekend. Angel City’s Most Wanted is available from today for those who preordered the game and December 3rd for everyone. It also a remade version of the Angel City map from the original Titanfall, new Titan kits and the Wingman Elite Pistol.

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