Last month a trio of new heroes were revealed for For Honor, and now it’s time to see them in action. The Shugoki, Warlord are both horrifically huge men capable of beheading folks with the twirl of a pinkie, while the Peacekeeper is more nimble and adept at dodging attacks. Shugoko is the biggest of the bunch. The largest playable character in the entire game in fact. He sports a spectacular barrel belly and he’s naturally a little on the slow side but he can take a proper beating before biting the dust.

The Viking Warlord isn’t quite so powerful, however this is offset by his one-handed shield. This can deflect major damage and his quicker speed makes him a strong contender for bringing Shugoki tumbling down.

Lastly there’s the Peacekeeper. She’s very quick yet one direct blow can be enough to take her out. She’s likely to be a hero for high-end players who can master her dodges and wait for the opportune moment to strike.

The For Honor closed beta is kicking off in a few weeks time. Failing that, For Honor is out on February 14th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And who says romance is dead?