Reputed Steam sales tracker Steam Spy has released data for what creator Sergey Galyonkin believes are the best selling and highest grossing games on Steam in 2016. His results are quite a bit different from Valve’s own 100 bestsellers as this takes into account key sales from external sites such as G2A, GreenManGaming, etc.

So without further ado, here are the top 25 games by estimated revenue on Steam in 2016 and the top 25 games by units sold.

Highest Grossing Games on Steam in 2016

Top Selling Games on Steam in 2016

The numbers aren’t too surprising but there’s a few interesting points to be made here. Firstly - Civilization VI is selling in obscene numbers without a decent price drop. It earned more money in the two months since its launch than any other game managed in the whole year.

GTA V still shows zero signs of slowing down. It had already been out for a year and yet in the last 12 months there has been over 2.3 million new PC owners.

Love it or hate it, No Man’s Sky made bank. In total it made $73.2 million. THis is more than half of the funding Star Citizen has made to date and only taking into account a single platform. Financially, it has to be said No Man’s Sky looks like a huge success. The sequel? Probably less so.

The biggest indie winners (aside from NMS) are Rocket League and Stardew Valley. The former is just an unstoppable online juggernaut with a huge eSports following now. The latter has made the solo developer some obscene amounts of cash. Steam Spy estimates $24.3 million. All from one guy’s love letter to Harvest Moon.

When it comes to the best selling game, CSGO is in a league of its own. At 6.73 million copies it’s sold almost triple that of second place - Rocket League with 2.6 million.

The biggest omission in this entire list is without doubt Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. On the basis of these figures the series is well and truly dead on PC these days if it can’t beat Just Cause 3 for revenue (a 2015 game).


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