Ladies, gents, and forklift truck drivers - Sega has registered a web domain for Shenmue HD. As you’re no doubt aware, Shenmue 3 is coming to PS4 and PC (possibly as soon as this year), but as it currently stands there is no decent way to catch up on the older games. Rumours of a Shenmue HD collection have been doing the rounds ever since Shenmue 3 was first announced and now Sega Europa has fanned the flames by registering web domains for and Oh lordy.

Now, there’s two reasons Sega may do this. The first is that Sega just wants to buy it and sit on it, just so nobody else can have it. If this was the case however, why didn’t SEGA do fit two years ago when the Shenmue HD rumours began?

The second reason is of course that Shenmue Remastered is in active development and Sega is preparing an announcement. Looking back at the history of Sega’s domain name registrations, they usually occur right before a major announcement takes place. Considering Sega is going to be keen to build hype ahead of Shenmue III, this seems like a smart move to reintroduce the Shenmue series to a new generation.

On a personal level I’d absolutely love this. The Dreamcast versions look really rough now so if they’re can be tarted up a bit I’d definitely be up for another playthrough of these weird and wonderful games, particularly considering they've never seen the light of day on PC.