Intel has confirmed at CES 2017 this week that its 10nm Cannon Lake CPUs are still on course to launch this year. It’s 14nm Kaby Lake CPUs are only just launching this very week (Intel Core i5-7600K Review), yet already Intel is turning its attention to the next process shrink.

The news comes via Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, who said Moore’s Law is still firmly on track and the first 10nm Cannon Lake processors will be in store in 2017. It was at first thought that poor yields and difficulty in shrinking the process node could lead Intel to delay its next products.

The first PCs to benefit from the new 10nm architecture are going to be 2-in-1 laptop and tablet hybrids. These are well situated to take advantage of the reduced power usage, lower thermal design package and increased performance efficiency.

From then it’s going to take a little longer for the desktop chips to come to market or, as is perhaps more likely, Intel is going to skip the next desktop chips altogether in favour of a high-end, six-core Coffee Lake chip in early 2018.