Grab your katana and buckle up because Ubisoft has announced the For Honor beta test will be wading onto the battlefield on January 26th. Unlike Mass Effect Andromeda’s MP test however, For Honor will be including all platforms.

The For Honor closed beta will be running from 26th January through to the 29th, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You’ve been able to register your interest for a while but you’ve still got a bit of time to sign up before the beta kicks off. When you register you’re asked to pick one of three factions (Knight, Samurai or Viking). This choice won’t be locked down but if you do play as your chosen faction you will rack up additional rewards. Whatever the case, the winning faction will get a reward which transfers over to the full game when it launches on February 14th.

Just to get you the mood for some bloodlust we’ve also got the brand spanking new The Thin Red Path trailer for you to lay your eyes on.

I’m personally very excited to see what For Honor is all about. I can’t for the life of me predict whether this is going to be a great online hack ‘n’ slash game or terribly average. It looks as if it could be bad, but Ubisoft’s recent track record has been pretty fantastic.

Head to the official site to register your interest for the beta.

Who’s signing up to give For Honor a go then? Do you think Ubisoft has another evergreen multiplayer hit on its hands? Let us know what you think!