A survey has emerging detailing the gaming platforms most developers want to work on, and PC unsurprisingly comes out as the big winner. The GDC 2017 survey polled over 45,000 developers who have attended the event recently and found out PC was comfortably the most popular platform with over 53% of devs currently working on PC games.

Considering the sheer wealth and variety of games coming out on Steam these days this should come as little surprise. There are many times more games coming out each and every day than there was just two or three years ago. For PC gamers there truly has never been a better time.

The popularity of smartphone game development has taken a bit of a decline but it still sits in second place with 38%. VR is also a surprising winner with a huge 24% of developers working on virtual reality experiences. That’s more than are working on Xbox One or Scorpio games which is kind of mind blowing.

The biggest losers are inevitably the older generation of consoles. They’ve practically disappeared from existence. Just 3% of devs are working on Xbox 360 games, down to 2% for PS3. RIP Gen 7, you were good to us.

Lastly a shout to Nintendo's newly announced Switch console. It's difficult to ascertain much considering it's still not out for another two months, yet already 3% of polled developers are working on titles for it. Not much in the grand scheme of things but it's already as popular as the 3DS and Wii U combined, at least among Western devs.

Do you see the popularity of developing for PC slowing any time soon? What do you make of over a quarter of all devs working on VR or AR projects? Which platform is going to bite the dust next? Let us know!