If you’re into benchmarking your PC gaming hardware, the latest Humble Bundle could be just the ticket for you. The Humble Software Bundle for PC Loves is all about getting your gaming rig in tip top condition, as well as the latest 3D Mark benchmark tools, drive partitioning, system backups, and even a spot of DAEMON Tools Pro if you want to delve into the murky underworld of ISOs.

The Pay What You Want tier ($1 minimum) is perhaps a bit of a dud, although you can get some great PC software if you stump up a little more cash. The cheapest option will still net you EaseUS Partition Master Professional 11.0 which could come in handy, as well AirParrot 2 for wirelessly streaming your display, and System Mechanic 16.5. That last one is one of those packages which claims to finetune your PC performance for more efficient CPU and RAM usage, and unlocking the full potential of your net connection, yadda yadda. I can’t really comment on this one in particular but I’ve usually found this sort of software to be a bit of a scam that sneaks more bloat onto your PC than it gets rid of. System Mechanic may be different and I guess it doesn’t hurt to try for $1. If anyone can attest to this software I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Things get a little more exciting at the Beat the Average tier. Here you can get a DAEMON Tools Pro 8 lifetime license, Backblaze Online PC backup, and 3DMark Advanced Edition for all your benchmarking needs. All three of these tools are enormously handy and for just shy of $6 it’s really quite a saving.

If you wanted to go the whole hog then there’s a $12 tier which includes PCMark 8 Advanced Edition and VRMark Advanced Edition for some serious additional PC hardware benchmarking capabilities, along with a year’s subscription to Dashlane Premium, which is single tool growing in popularity that manages and generates ultra-secure passwords all in one place. Just don’t leave your Dashlane password lying on a Starbucks coffee table.

So, those Humble PC Software Bundle tiers in full:

Pay what you want! - $1 Minimum

  • System Mechanic 16.5
  • AirParrot 2
  • EaseUS Partition Master Pro 11.9

Beat the Average - Currently $5.71

  • DAEMON Tools Pro 8 Lifetime
  • Backblaze Online Backup
  • 3DMark Advanced Edition

Pay $12

  • PCMark 8 Advanced Edition
  • VRMark Advanced Edition
  • Dashlane Premium

If the thought of spending money on software causes your stomach to churn a little, check out last year’s Up For Debate in which us and the GD community explored the best free PC software out there.