It’s getting to that time when we’re dangerously close to a huge new hardware launch, and it’s even become acceptable to get overly excited about what the box it comes in looks like. I’m talking about AMD’s imminent Ryzen CPUs of course, and a Thai retailer has become the first to break cover and show us the AMD Ryzen retail packaging.

I know it’s a bit odd to harp on about packaging design for too long, but I have to say I’m impressed what what AMD is doing with Ryzen. The marketing materials make it look like a CPU specifically designed for gamers, and high-end gamers at that. Stack it up against Intel’s far dryer boxes and AMD comes out the clear winner. It’s much the same as Corsair and Razer are achieving with their peripherals compared to the likes of Microsoft or Logitech.

As well as a look at how AMD Ryzen CPUs will appear on store shelves, this is also yet another source for pricing. The price tags are in Thai Baht but when converted they’re pretty much bang in line with previous pricing leaks. I think we can now safely assume the remarkably low pricing for AMD Ryzen is very much correct. Over to you now Intel, let’s see what you’ve got.

From the looks of things everything is now in place for the official launch of AMD Ryzen, which could now be as soon as February 28th. Various leaks have suggested that's when the first benchmarks are going to appear as well, and it's also the very same date AMD is hosting its live 'Capsaicin and Cream' hardware event at GDC 2017.