With all the new hardware that’s available now, we thought it's the perfect time to work on a new GD PC Build Guide 2017. This will be our GD Machine 2017 and during this series of articles we will help each other understand what to look for in your next PC gaming build. The first priority in any build is working out how much you should spend on building a game PC. So lets bring together the incredible minds of the GD community and their computer hardware knowledge, game performance/benchmark know-how to create the ultimate PC build of 2017, with a view to offering us all the best price to performance we can find for our money.

Now this isn’t about scrimping and saving to get the cheapest possible build, or spending ridiculous amounts of cash to get the best of everything. A typical gaming build can vary from $500 with lower-end components, all the way up to thousands of dollars if you want the ultimate performance PC with multiple graphics cards. We want something in-between. We want to create the everyman PC build. So during this PC build guide series of 2017 we will be aiming at the sort of PC most PC gamers like you and I have.

Initially then, we want to work out how much people are prepared to spend on buying all of the necessary components for a gaming PC.

Using your choices, we’re going to build a PC component by component, all to a specific target price. Naturally there’s a near infinite number of combinations so the end result may not be exactly what you’d build, however it should be a fantastic jumping off point for anyone stumbling onto GD who’s looking for a new build. And also help us get our heads around some of the questions we should be asking of our components and vendors when we go shopping for our PC parts. 

This guide should be good fun for us all and a nice journey into the does and donts of buying a new PC gaming PC. As we are all included in this process, please dont forget to drop into the comments section below to share suggestions about the subject matter found in this article. So in this case it will be about How to set a PC gaming build budget for your next PC purchase. Each article we roll out in the series will cover a different area of the computer build, so save comments that are relevant to that PC build guide section for the corresponding article.

So the first thing we’re going to do is nail down a price point for a gaming PC build, along with how much cash people are willing to spend on specific components. We're looking at the PC's total price for all the necessary PC build components listed below. This is all done in US dollars ($), just to help us standardise, so apologies if it’s not absolutely accurate to your country, but this is all done for the sake of simplicity and ensures we all have a similar jumping off point.

When building a gaming PC the key hardware components you need to buy are:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • Motherboard
  • PSU
  • Monitor
  • RAM
  • Case
  • Storage

Once we’ve got the info on how much would people spend on a PC build, and how much money they would allocate to each of the hardware components, we’re then going to do some one off polls so you can choose the individual PC parts, which are going into our final GD Machine 2017. There’s also going to be a guide for each component for those new to the custom PC scene, explaining what to look out for, what the different specs mean, how much you should be paying, etc. At the end of it all we should have a top-notch gaming PC as chosen by you for a budget the majority of us will be looking to spend on a new gamer computer.

The survey below is only 5 questions long, so it should only take about a minute, and it just asks how much would you spend on a gaming PC. You don’t need to sign in to anything or share your email address, or anything like that, so ignore any sign up options at the end of the embedded survey. We’ll be sharing the anonymous data with you in the following GD PC build guides as this article series progresses and seeing what neat little bits we uncover.