Good news! Mass Effect Andromeda is getting a bug-squashing day one patch. Bad news! It’s already out. If you’ve missed the Mass Effect Andromeda pile-in over the last 24 hours, a number of folks playing via Origin Access have been complaining of heaps of admittedly hilarious bugs, wonky animations, and wooden voice acting. The hope was that the day one update would sort a lot of these problems out, however this patch is actually already rolled into the current version of Mass Effect Andromeda everyone is already playing.


In some strange way, the oddities do make Mass Effect 4 quite appealing, just to see what it's all about.

Ian Frazier, lead designer on Mass Effect Andromeda, took to Twitter to explain BioWare’s update plans, saying “the day 1 patch IS included in the early access build”. In addition to this, he also said BioWare would be working to address issues rapidly post-launch.

I do love the way he chooses the words ‘early access build’, with more than a passing nod to Steam’s Early Access service. Whether that means a lot of these issues are fixed by Tuesday’s launch remains to be seen, but I expect BioWare HQ is an absolute hive of activity right now.

Mass Effect Andromeda's reviews drop on Monday so it's certainly going to be worth keeping an eye on to see how it's received before you lay down cash for a pre-order. With any luck these strange glitches and animation issues are few and far between, and the core is hopefully top-notch.

Have any of you played the Origin Access version of Mass Effect Andromeda yet? How are you finding the experience? Let us know below!