The critically acclaimed Nier Automata is out on PC now, but it’s clear this is a console port through and through. What’s even more worrying is that Nier Automata appears to be a port of the original PlayStation 4 version, rather than the upgrade PlayStation 4 Pro edition. Nier Automata’s cutscenes are rendered at 900p / 30 frames per second on PC, while on PS4 pro they run at 1080p / 60 FPS.

It means we’ve ended up in one of those rare situations where the PC version can actually look worse than the console original. This is compounded by a fullscreen resolution bug. Rather than render at your monitor’s native resolution when it full screen, Nier Automata is rendering at a lower resolution before upscaling it. Not a great situation for PlatinumGames and Square Enix to be in, but fortunately a modder has managed to get a working solution for the resolution scaling within just 48 hours.

Nier Automata Resolution Scaling Bug Fix

A Steam user by the name of Kaldaien has managed to get the Nier Automata PC resolution scaling bug fixed.

  • First of all you need to download Nier_fix.7z from here.
  • Once downloaded, extract the final to your Nier Automata installation folder and replace the dsg.ini file.

In addition to the resolution bug fix, Kaldaien has also included options to reduce the V-Sync buffer to reduce input lag, limit the frame rate, and determine the refresh rate.

Nier Automata Movies Capped at 30 FPS Fix

If you want Nier Automata’s in-game cutscenes to run at 60 frames per second, there is a ‘fix’ out there. However, the fix that is being shared requires multiple programs to use and a lot of complicated splitting of video tracks and re-rendering at a higher frame rate.

Taking a 30 FPS video and doubling its frames and running speed to run at 60 FPS is pointless and will not make any difference to how the video looks. Each second is still the original 30 frames, just duplicated. All you’re going to do is potentially lessen the quality as you play around with the videos.

For now your best bet is to wait on PlatinumGames to issue a patch for Nier Automata on PC. The 60 FPS cut-scenes do exist for the PS4 Pro version, it’s just a case of bringing them over.

Other than this Nier Automata is by all accounts a fantastic game. With any luck these minor niggles can be sorted out the PC version can at least get on par with the PlayStation 4 Pro edition.