Mass Effect Andromeda has just been updated with its second day one update, tackling a number of other critical errors in the run up to tomorrow’s launch. Reports from players who gained access to the 10-hour pre-release trial of Mass Effect Andromeda highlighted swathes of issues, ranging from black screen crashes at startup to strange animation bugs and multiplayer sound issues.

This 1.04 patch for Mass Effect Andromeda takes aim at a number of these issues, fixing the black screen crashes, Function keys not working in multiplayer and a bug whereby it was hard to distinguish which direction enemies were coming from in the co-op multiplayer modes.

Should you run into any problems tomorrow, and I’m sure a few of you will, EA and BioWare have set up a dedicated Mass Effect Andromeda troubleshooting page. This highlights all the major known issues and current workarounds for them. This should be constantly updated as BioWare begins to tackle the laundry list of bugs.

With any luck this rapid-fire patching means Mass Effect Andromeda can eventually become the game we all want it to be. Based on current review aggregates this is comfortably the worst received Mass Effect title yet, averaging a score of 75/100. In fact, this makes it BioWare's lowest scoring game ever. That's not what we were hoping for from the two-time winner of Most Anticipated Game at the GD Global Game Awards.

We’ve been sent a code over by EA so we’ll be sure to put it to the test this week. However, due the bizarre vagaries of different territories, unlock times and whatnot, it won’t be playable through Origin here in the UK until Thursday, March 23rd.