Reports are circulating that CD Projekt RED co-founder Adam Kicinski has confirmed The Witcher 4. His quotes are actually sourced from a 2015 interview shortly after The Witcher 3’s launch, and don’t actually relate to The Witcher 4 but instead the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3's (then unreleased) expansions.

In the interview in question , Kicinski said  “it’s too early to talk about [The Witcher]. It is not that we would forget about this brand, it would not be fair to the fans.” This is fairly open to interpretation, but this interview is from before The Witcher 3’s story expansions and also before Gwent: The Witcher Card Game was even announced. This is a far cry from a confirmation, however we can’t actually rule out The Witcher 4 arriving eventually.

In the years before The Witcher 3’s launch, when CD Projekt RED said it was the concluding part of a trilogy, and the final Witcher game, not even they could have predicted the mammoth success it would become. For all their niceties, CD Projekt RED is a business, and businesses are built to make money. CDPR isn’t the sort to just leave cash on the table, and make no mistake, The Witcher 4 is the most obscene amount of cash left teetering atop the bulkiest of tables.

Taking a look at CD Projekt RED’s development pipeline, the seeds are certainly there for The Witcher 4. Obviously we already have Cyberpunk 2077 confirmed, and that’s due for release within the next year or two. However CDPR’s roadmap includes “release of another AAA RPG title” by 2021. Could this perhaps be the elusive Witcher 4? A quickfire Cyberpunk sequel? Or perhaps a new IP entirely?

There’s also the promise of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game to consider, which after a quick session with the beta I can confirm is Gwent as you know and love it, this time folded into some grander tournaments, multiplayer gameplay, and its own dedicated mini-campaigns.

With CD Projekt RED evidently focused on Cyberpunk 2077 and Gwent right now, would you like to see a new Witcher title further down the line? Or would you prefer CDPR freshens things up with other IP? Let us know!