Someone’s crunched the numbers for how long it takes to unlock all of the cosmetics in For Honor, or for the dangerously impatient, how much dollar you’d have to spend, and the results don't make pretty reading.

Unsurprisingly you’d have to invest a laughable amount of time to get it all - with the current gear available you’d have to play For Honor two hours a day, every day, for 2.5 years in order to unlock everything. Or you could just buy it all to the tune of $700. Gulp.

“Ubisoft is notorious for their deceptively expensive multiplayer games as anyone who has played any of their recent Tom Clancy games could tell you,” explains Reddit user bystander007. “I personally have just suppressed the Completionist within me and stopped bothering to grind for unlocks. Once you do the math, you’ll agree.”

I’ve ran through bystander007’s maths and it definitely checks out. It averages out to around 91,500 Steel (For Honor’s in-game currency) to both unlock a character and all their customisation options. There’s 12 characters in the base game, coming to 1,098,000 Steel. You would have to buy 7x $100 Steel Packs and a single $50 Steel pack in order to unlock it all, coming to a rough total of $732, with $18 worth of Steel left over in change.

Quite a hefty stack of cash I’m sure you’ll agree, and enough to buy a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and have some money to spare. A couple of hours play completing challenges will earn you roughly 1000-1200 Steel. Now remember, you need close to 1.1 million Steel.

“Casual players who play 1-2 hours 5-7 days a week will never reach this goal” continues bystander007. “Completing Orders/half-Contracts will get you roughly 1000 Steel, another roughly 200 for the matches you played. So 1200 a day is a good estimated gain for casual players. That’s 915 days. Roughly 2.51 years."

To be fair, I did initially balk at the $700 figure, but I’d argue my 1832 hours are worth much, much more to me. Or alternatively, I just wouldn’t bother to get the unlocks in the first place. This argument isn’t quite as cut and dry as that though, and I imagine plenty of people, bystander007 included, who are pretty miffed about having content locked away in the base game which they paid $60 for. Realistically it’s an impossible achievement to unlock it all, particularly once you begin stacking the DLC characters and cosmetics on top. However, this is a very similar scenario to Rainbow Six Siege, but I’ve never felt the need to unlock everything, just the skins and attachments I actually want. At this point I don't even know what to spend all my Renown on.

Where do you stand on this predicament? Is Ubisoft implementing too many mechanics borrow from free-to-play titles? Or are you fine with it as long as it’s only cosmetics? Let us know!