Last week’s teaser from Bandai Namco, with the tagline ‘Prepare to Dine’, is for a new game from the God Eater developers dubbed Code Vein. Japanese gaming mag Famitsu is the source for this one; they’ve allegedly had a look at the game already, which is due to be officially revealed tomorrow.

According to Famitsu, Code Vein is an action RPG built on Unreal Engine 4, set in a near future where the world has been decimated. Living a surviving society called Vein, you play as a Revenant, a vampire with supernatural abilities who can draw blood in order to enhance your powers.

Bandai Namco looks to be going down the hard-as-nails route for this one, following in the footsteps of its successful Dark Souls series. In Code Vein you’ll be able to team up with a like minded Revenant and go dungeon stomping together, wielding an arsenal of melee weapons. Killing enemies will allow you to harvest their blood, Bloodborne style, using your accumulated ‘wealth’ in exchange for new powers. Run out of blood however you become the ‘Lost’, a monster which can be hunted down by opposing players.

It all sounds a bit like Bandai Namco trying to feed off the remains of Souls, however if Code Vein can look even half as good as its ultra stylish teaser trailer they could be onto a winner.

We’ll have plenty more on Code Vein tomorrow, when Bandai Namco is expected to host a full reveal of the 2018 title.