Bandai Namco has revealed the first in-game trailer for Code Vein, its upcoming Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG that promises to be “gruelling” and tremendously challenging. The trailer is our first little peek at the world Bandai Namco has in store for us, one in which players inhabit the town of Vein, feasting on the blood of enemies in order to achieve greater power at the expense of your own humanity.

While Code Vein was originally rumoured to be a co-op action title, it turns out players will be able to pick from a number of AI partners residing in Vein. Each has a unique fighting style and ability, allowing you to pick a buddy which can complement your own tactics.

From the sounds of things, you’re going to be needing their help as well. Everything about Code Vein screams difficult, as Bandai Namco looks to fill the Dark Souls-shaped void which has been left by From Software finishing up the acclaimed series.

As it stands, Code Vein is console only and heading for a 2018 launch. Don’t expect it to stay that way for long though, Bandai Namco has been good to PC players over the years.

Original Story: 2017-04-20 - Bandai Namco Reveals Code Vein, a 'Gruelling' Action-RPG with Huge Inter-connected World

Bandai Namco has officially revealed Code Vein, a “gruelling” action-RPG set in a massive interconnected world. You play as a Revenant, a bloodsucking super human who must feast on the blood of enemies in order to become more powerful. We’ve got our gore-soaked hands on the first batch of images, revealing that ultra-stylish reveal trailer wasn’t too far from the finished product after all.

With From Software evidently moving on the from the Souls series, publisher Bandai Namco has clearly sought an alternative means to deliver a similar experience to fans. When you openly describe your game as “gruelling” during its reveal, you kind of set your stall out a little. That said, visually Code Vein is very much its own thing, drawing a little from anime yet retaining the Souls-esque dark fantasy.

It’s all set in the near future in a place called Vein, a hideout for Revenant types. Civilization as we know it has collapsed; pockets of society fight to survive. The vicious Lost roam the lands, ghouls inhabiting the bodies of the dead, a fate awaiting Revenants should they run low on blood. Code Vein’s central premises revolves around draining enemies of their blood, feasting on their corpses in order to enhance their own abilities.

One thing we’re still not sure about is the inclusion of co-op. Initial rumours pointed towards being able to play through Code Vein with a buddy, although this hasn't been confirmed by Bandai Namco themselves. In a lot of the images, you can see a partner, although it may be an AI buddy.

Anyway, onwards with the Code Vein image gallery.

Code Vein will be releasing on “major home consoles” in 2018, by which it probably means the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a minimum, and potentially the Nintendo Switch. No word of a PC version just yet, disappointingly. Bandai Namco is usually fairly decent on this front, so expect a PC version shortly after at the very least.