2Dark has become the fifth ever game to have Denuvo subsequently removed after launch. Gloomywood’s 2Dark is a fairly innocuous little game, however it’s gained attention in the months since its launch due to its previously unbreakable implementation of Denuvo. Last week an infamous cracking team managed it though, cracking the X86 version of Denuvo for the first time. This now means its use in 2Dark is basically pointless, so Gloomywood has patched the game and removed any Denuvo integration.

2Dark now joins a tiny but growing list of games which have had Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM removed post-launch. It now sits alongside DOOM, Homefront: The Revolution, The Climb and Inside.

While I’m not personally opposed to Denuvo support around launch, it’s good to see publishers such as Bigben Interactive understand that Denuvo need not be in a game indefinitely. Fair enough during those crucial first few months, however the preservation of games long term effectively means Denuvo games have to be cracked or Denuvo patched out if we want to continue playing these games years down the line.

For Denuvo it marks another waypoint in a continuing upstream battle against a torrent of cracked games. Up until now only games with the X64 version of Denuvo could be cracked, including the likes of Resident Evil 7. Denuvo then moved to update Resident Evil 7 to X86 Denuvo, however the damage had already been done.

Other, more notable games which use Denuvo X86 include Nier: Automata and Dead Rising 4, so Denuvo is going to have to work fast if it wants to keep this pair protected.

Is Denuvo facing an uphill battle?  Would you be more inclined to buy Denuvo protected games if you were assured Denuvo would be removed at a later date? Let us know!