Ubisoft has just expanded, opening up two brand new studios. One is in Berlin, Germany, while the other is based in Bordeaux, France. The Berlin outfit will be Ubisoft’s third German studio, while the Ubisoft Bordeaux will be the fifth in Ubisoft’s homeland.

"Building on established local success in France and Germany, the new studios will plug into a global network to work collaboratively with teams around the world," says Ubisoft's Burgess Quemard.

"They will also benefit from a rich pool of local talent that enables us to offer more opportunities to skilled graduates and industry veterans in those regions, who in turn will help our highly skilled teams in the development of some of our biggest franchises."

Both new studios have been set up in an effort to assist other studios around the world with their development. While Ubisoft Bordeaux’s plans are a little hazy right now, Ubisoft Berlin has already started working with Anno developer Blue Byte on an unannounced AAA PC real-time strategy game.

"The team in Berlin will work closely with the BlueByte teams in both Düsseldorf and Mainz on an unannounced triple-A project, and will help Ubisoft establish a presence in the German capital," says Ubisoft in an official announcement.

Just what Blue Byte and Ubisoft Berlin are working on remains a source of mystery, although we’re hopeful we may hear some details on the project during E3. Blue Byte’s back catalogue is littered with Anno games, The Settlers, and a smattering of Heroes of Might & Magic. It’s been a couple of years now since Anno 2205 so there’s every chance it’s quite far along in development.

Ubisoft continues to balloon then, which should help get its AAA franchises to market a little more smoothly. While Bordeaux is a total unknown, what AAA RTS property are you hopeful Ubisoft Berlin is tackling?

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