We've looked at Prey's performance in our GeForce GTX 1060 benchmarks, and the good news is that there's some hefty to gains to be made by tweaking the options, despite there not being a great number of graphics settings in total. You can more than double your frame rate by dropping from Ultra to Low, but just what is the visual sacrifice?

Prey Low v Ultra Graphics Comparison

(slide your cursor over the images to compare)

Some of the differences between these screens are a little harder to pick than others, but the overall of Ultra v Low is that of an increased level of detail and vastly improved draw distance. At the Low preset, objects little pop into view just a few feet in front of you, which can be a little jarring.

Just to get a little more granular with these, here are some separate comparisons of a single screenshot taken across all four graphics presets. Here you can hopefully identify the differences between the presets you set can set Prey too, as well as decide whether the performance hit of Very High justifies choosing it over High, or conversely, High v Medium.


Prey Low v Medium Graphics Comparison

Prey Medium v High Graphics Comparison

Prey High v Very High Graphics Comparison

Prey PC Benchmark - MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6GB