Trust Nvidia to have liquid cooling for its Silicon Valley headquarters. Construction is now entering the final stages of the humongous $370m building, which is expected to open in Q3 2017. The monolithic structure is large enough to fit 2500 employees from the largest graphics chip manufacturer in the world. It’s shaped like a giant triangle composed of dozens of tessellating triangles, a nod to the polygons from which Nvidia has built its empire.

Inside the two-storey HQ, which covers 46,500 square metres, there is a large central courtyard which every department feeds into. This is in an effort to "capture the energy and the buzz of the company."

Underneath the floor there’s a gigantic underground garage, while Nvidia has gone to great lengths to water cool the entire the entire building. Sat in the blistering heat of California, the building has a snaking system of pipes that feed into a hidden water tower sunk into the roof of the building. The recycle water is then filtered through an evaporation system utilising three giant fans to keep the building cool. Yes, Nvidia is building, and intends to base its business in, what amounts to a giant water-cooled graphics card.

All I know now is that we must be buying an obscene number of graphics cards. The recent Nvidia financials showed GAAP earnings were up 126% year on year, bringing in a net income of $507 million for the quarter. That makes this $370 million building what amounts to pocket change for Nvidia.