With E3 2017 now in the rearview mirror, it’s time for the dust to settle. Market analyst Brand Watch has been keeping an eye on the event throughout the week, tracking which games and conferences were the most talked about the event. 

Perhaps most surprisingly, Microsoft absolutely stomped over the competition in terms of mentions on conference day. The Xbox One X hype was real, yet after the reveal, Microsoft’s social media presence quickly tanked. That’s not to take away from its absolute ownage though, at their peak during E3, Microsoft had more mentions than Sony by a multitude of five. The PC Gaming Show was the worst performing conference, while Bethesda, EA, Sony, Ubisoft and Nintendo all largely shared similar audience figures.

As for the top-mentioned games, these bear little correlation with the conference chatter above. If anything, this supports the theory that the vast majority of Microsoft chatter was Xbox One X related, with games forming a supporting cast. 

The single talked about game was Assassin’s Creed Origins (last year it was Zelda: Breath of the Wild). Ubisoft has clearly done something right in capture consumer interest here. In second place is Metroid Prime 4, a game for which nothing was shown but a logo and a promise that it is in development. Nintendo’s presence, in general, was strong, with three of the top six most popular games being Nintendo Switch exclusives.

One quick shout out to Skyrim as well, which has managed to crack the top 10 most talked about games at E3 2017. A game that is coming up to six years old. 

Elsewhere it was disappointment for the likes of Destiny 2, Detroit, Shadow of War and State of Decay 2, all of which is seemed failed to capture the gaming public’s imagination.

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"Mentions on social media are not necessarily good. Bethesda took a lot of mentions about paid mods, was they for good?"