Ubisoft often prides itself in delivering top-notch visual quality, but The Crew undoubtedly let the side down. Direct feed footage of The Crew 2 running on PC from E3 2017 indicates this won’t be the case for the sequel, however, with absolutely gorgeous open-world vistas giving way to packed city streets and picturesque bayous.

It’s also been confirmed that you can switch between the various racing disciplines on the fly, transforming from a plane into a speedboat and dropping into the ocean with the press of a button. Just try to remember not to ride the waves with your Cadillac. 


In addition to the PC gameplay, we’ve also got 10 minutes of gameplay footage courtesy of Playstation. Ubi looks to be pulling an Assassin’s Creed II with The Crew 2, tackling the majority of the issues from the original head-on. Formation flying down the city streets in particular just looks ridiculous, so this could be a great game just to best around in with your buddies. 


The Crew 2 is out in early 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.