A job listing from Intel has given us our strongest indicator yet that the chip giant is looking to move on from its ‘Core’ CPU design upon which it has been so reliant in the past decade. Intel are on the look out for engineers to help design its Next Generation Core (NGC), with its current Core processors possibly set to be phased out within the next four to five years.

"If you are passionate about seeing your ideas go from white board to billions of pieces of silicon, join the ground floor of Intel's next-generation core (NGC) design team in Hillsboro, Oregon," reads the job listing on Intel’s website.

The person picked for the role will join a chip design team with the aim of building “a revolutionary microprocessor core to power the next decade of computing and create experiences we have yet to dream up." 

From the sounds of things, Intel looks to be making a move away from its usual iterative design which has seen steady performance improvements come our way over the last 10 years, towards a radical rethink of its CPU technology. The pressure of sticking to Moore’s Law is indeed looming large.

While anything to be drawn from this is going to be pure speculation, it would seem Intel is intent on delivering greater performance gains than we’ve seen lately. Perhaps AMD has them spooked. Perhaps its process shrinks are running out of steam. It would be anything.

Considering they’ve only just recently hired this validation engineer, and based on the usual research, development and production times, we’re looking at probably another five years until this thing surfaces - likely 2021 or 2022.  

Source: The Motley Fool