August: adjective - respected and impressive. That’s what we like to hear. If you haven’t seen it yet, August is secretly a belting month for new game releases, but if some of the lower key titles releasing this month aren’t your bag, it’s your last opportunity to clean up the backlog before the holiday avalanche begins in September.

Jon - After a busy few months, I’ve got precisely nothing to do this weekend. I will try and go outside, I promise, if only to avoid cabin fever. While I’m inside though, it’s gaming time. Next week I’ll (hopefully) be busy with Hellblade, but until then I’m finishing up a different sort of blade - Xenoblade Chronicles. I flip-flop between this game being trash and amazing, but it’s scratching some sort of JRPG itch and it doesn’t look as if it’s anywhere near as long as folks would have you believe. I’m on about 40 hours and into the back quarter of the game. Aside from this I’ve been on a bit of a Final Fantasy XIV fix lately. I’m still in my late teens when it comes to level, but hearing the story gets great is providing enough impetus to push me through. I’ve got a big hatred of MMO end-games though, so should I hit the cap and finish the story, that’s it for me until the expansion drops.

Felix - With Total Warhammer 2 out at the end of Sept, Creative Assembly, who have been around for 30 years now apparently, are using free DLC for Total Warhammer 1 to keep up the interest. Anyway, I think I will venture back into TW Warhammer 1 to see what these thirty new units of Renown are like. Be aware the 30 free units are being doled out for the TW Warhammer DLC races, Chaos, Beastmen, Elves etc. Other than that I think I will further my campaign of Endless Legend. Endless Space 2 came out a couple months back and it was awesome, so I went and picked up Endless Legend, the fantasy equivalent. Big time sinks, both of them, so you will get your money’s worth especially if you grab them in a sale like I did.

Squee - It’s so hot here. So hot. [Come to Pakistan bro, -Shaheryar] Can’t… breathe. Let alone really play videogames. Sunlight streams into the windows of the room where my computer is, and the temperature remains staggeringly hot until well after the sun has gone down. So for most of this month, I will be lying beneath a trickle of cold water, making weak groaning sounds and praying for the sweet release of death. When I’m not busy doing that, though, I’m thinking maybe I might go back and take a look at Deus Ex - Robotic Weirdness or whatever it was called, with perhaps a side-order of Steel Division. World War 2 really is the videogame gift that keeps on giving.

Shaheryar - I have university admission forms lying all around. Aside from that, I will be an Awakewalker in Immortal Planet, which is a new game from the creator of Ronin, hack ‘n’ slash style it seems. One thing that bugs me, however, are the controls; the game was made for gamepads [Welcome to the gamepad master race - Jon] but come on, at least allow me to customize the keyboard buttons and all to my preference!

That's what we're (hopefully) up to, but what are your gaming plans for the weekend? Picked up any new indie gems from Steam? Or planning to knock something off your backlog? Let us know!