Dynasty Warriors 9, the latest game in the long-running hack and slash Dynasty Warriors series from Omega Force, is coming to PC, Koei Tecmo has announced. The series is a pioneer of the long-running Musou genre, and Dynasty Warriors 9 features an open-world for the first time, with a traversable map of China that can be explored in free roam.

"Whether players choose to follow the main storyline quests or spend time exploring the vast natural wonders of China—from the lush cedar woods and bamboo forests of Chengdu to the legendary Great Wall—the ongoing war will continue to rage along their journey," Koei Tecmo said. "Skirmishes, clashes, special side missions, and larger scale conflicts can be engaged at the player’s will as they venture through far-reaching lands, allowing for a sense of freedom of choice for the player previously unfelt in previous Dynasty Warriors titles."

The images released a pretty major shake-up of the Dynasty Warriors formula. The huge open world is littered with wildlife, side missions and areas to explore, encompassing the entirety of China.

Long-term fans will notice a pretty hefty jump in visual quality from Dynasty Warriors 8 to Dynasty Warriors 9. That’s a result of finally leaving the previous gen PlayStation 3 ports behind and it looks all the better for it. As a result, expect a massive jump for the PC system requirements. Last time a GeForce 8600 was all that was required and we can’t see it staying that way for long.