In today’s why-have-I-never-heard-about-this news, Pentadimensional Games has revealed the first new trailer for Megaton Rainfall in over two years.  It’s first-person superhero game that's also playable in VR. The developers claim Megaton Rainfall offers unprecedented freedom of movement and scale of destruction. Players can visit any city in the world and fend off an alien invasion using their superpowers.

Many have tried and failed at making a Superman game. He’s ultimate superhero - practically invincible, can destroy anything he lays his eyes on, and he’s got enough strength to lift entire skyscrapers. It’s a skillset that historically hasn’t sat well with the world of gaming, a world where death is all too commonplace. Megaton Rainfall just skips around the usual problems by leaning heavily into the supreme superpowers. You play as an indestructible interdimensional flying super-being, one who can obliterate entire skyscrapers in the blink of an eye, accelerate from 0 to Mach 10 in five seconds, and reach the edge of the Milky Way in under a minute.

It looks frankly awesome if a bit head scrambling. From the looks of things, you can zoom to any location on the planet and it’ll use a combination of mapping and procedural generation to create cityscapes under alien invasion. From here you can just batter the extraterrestrial menace to submission, or zoom off into the depths of space for a bit of soul searching.

Megaton Rainfall looks incredibly ambitious, and we’ve got serious reservations it can ever deliver on its premise. But boy wouldn’t it just be fantastic if it could.

Megaton Rainfall is coming to PlayStation 4 and PSVR on September 26th with a PC version to follow shortly after.