Phew, we're at the three-quarters mark. 33 game franchises have bit the dust in our quest to find out which videogame series are best in 2017. For round 12 it's the social life crushing Football Manager v the herculean Minecraft, super-cereal Arma, and everyone's favourite bald-pated Hitman. All you need to do is voe for your favourite game series.

Round 12

Football Manager

There are dark tales of the internet of entire marriages being lost to Football Manager. I myself was guilty of donning a suit for a cup final match against a mate. Nothing ever feels quite as serious as the nail-biting spreadsheet simulation on offer in Football Manager. Sports Interactive's footie management sim is so comprehensive that even the top clubs themselves have been known to use it to scout players. Sports Interactive has a network of hundreds of agents watching football matches across the globe, counting passes, possession, throw-ins and dives, all meticulously sculpted into one of the best management series ever made. Just one more match?

Series began: 2004

Total Sales: 7 million

Best-selling game: Football Manager 2016 (1.1 million)

Main Games:

  • Football Manager 2005
  • Football Manager 2006
  • Football Manager 2007
  • Football Manager 2008
  • Football Manager 2009
  • Football Manager 2010
  • Football Manager 2011
  • Football Manager 2012
  • Football Manager 2013
  • Football Manager 2014
  • Football Manager 2015
  • Football Manager 2016
  • Football Manager 2017

Series Spin-offs:

  • Football Manager Mobile
  • Football Manager Live
  • Football Manager Online


The second best-selling game of all time, Minecraft's success is nothing less than ridiculous. It was still a little bewildering to see Microsoft acquire it for $2 billion, but it's increasingly looking like a shrewd move. They've shifted tens of millions of copies since, sidling in a whole bunch of monetization options during the process. You'd struggle to find many kids on the planet who haven't heard of Minecraft. Its billing as 21st century Lego couldn't be more apt.

Series began: 2011

Total Sales: 125+ million

Best-selling game: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (122 million)

Main Games:

  • Minecraft

Series Spin-offs:

  • Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Minecraft: Education Edition


In an age where everyone has been desperately chasing the Call of Duty dollars, Arma has stood firm as one of the few steadfast PC series that sticks to its simulation roots. Arma's so far removed from your typical first-person shooter that it's splintered into its very own mil-sim genre. One where a single bullet can send you crumpling to the floor, and you have to bury your poop to mask your scent. Okay, I made the last bit up, but for the most part, Arma is unrelentingly realistic. It was also the spawning point for DayZ and, in turn, can claim a large part in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' existence.

Series began: 2006

Total Sales: 10 million

Best-selling game: Arma III (3+ million)

Main Games:

  • Arma: Armed Assault
    • Arma: Queen's Gambit
  • Arma 2
    • Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead
    • Arma 2: British Armed Forces
    • Arma 2: Private Military Company
    • Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic
  • Arma: Cold War Assault / Operation Flashpoint
  • Arma 3

Series Spin-offs:

  • Arma Tactics
  • Arma Mobile Ops


Agent 47, we need again. For a while there, we thought you were a goner. The Hitman series is ready to rise from the ashes of Io Interactive's split from Square Enix, with poor sales of the excellent Hitman rebooted cited as the cause. Which is kind of confusing because the new Hitman is easily the best in the series thus far, yet a few pig-headed fans couldn't get over the episodic delivery. Regardless of your thoughts there, Agent 47's murderous adventurous have been almost universally acclaimed. Absolution may have gone slightly off the rails, but for the most part, it's been brutal, darkly comic fun with our favourite baldie.

Series began: 2000

Total Sales: 15 million

Best-selling game: Hitman Absolution (7 million)

Main series:

  • Hitman: Codename 47
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  • Hitman: Contracts
  • Hitman: Blood Money
  • Hitman: Absolution
  • Hitman (2016)

Series Spin-offs:

  • Hitman Trilogy
  • Hitman Go
  • Hitman: Sniper

Sadly only one of these illustrious franchises can make it through to the next round and potentially be the greatest game series in 2017. Every vote will count though when we tot these up and deliver the definitive list of the best gaming franchises. Have your say in the poll below, and let us know why you think it's the best gaming series in the comments section!

If you haven't voted on the previous rounds yet, you've still got time. Just follow the links below to vote for your favourite game series.

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Round 12: Football Manager, Minecraft, Arma, Hitman

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