Bohemia Interactive's inviting players to take on a different perspective of the battlefield with its new Laws of War expansion. Arma 3 players can step into the shoes of a humanitarian aid faction (IDAP) responding to war zone disasters. They supply emergency support victims of war, as well specialised roles such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

The Remnants of War mini-campaign included with Laws of War pits players as IDAP explosive specialist Nathan MacDade. His job is to identify and deactivate any mines left after the war in Altis and Stratis. In a reversal of Arma’s usual roles, MacDade will be able to uncover the events that happened in the town or Oreokastro from both sides of the conflict.

For all his explosive disposal needs, MacDade has a specialised van along with a utility and demining drone. This can be sent out from the van and used to move cargo or in demining operations.

Arma 3: Laws of War is coming to PC on September 12th, priced at £8.99.