Warner Bros and Monolith have revealed more than 40 minutes of gameplay footage taken directly from the PC version of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. It features a Warner Bros rep alongside Monolith’s director of art, Phil Straub, exploring the Cirith Ungol region of Mordor.

Monolith certainly has explored the entire spectrum of the colour brown with Shadow of War. We’re still hoping they’re planning to unearth some of Mordor’s more colourful climes. The back half of Shadow of Mordor improved a little in this regard, as there’s only so long you can clamber over assorted rocky edifices and dead land before fatigue sets in. The worrying thing now is that if Monolith were to claim this was footage from the original Shadow of Mordor, we’d have precious few reasons to dispute it. One of the strongest factors of open-world games is the act of exploration, and a varied, engaging world is needed for this.

On the gameplay front, it appears as if Shadow of War is hardly reinventing the wheel either. The original was an intoxicating enough blend of Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham though, while the addition of siege combat and army management could yet prove enough to get Shadow of War over the line.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is out on October 10th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.