Time destroys all things, as they succinctly put it in the superlative movie Irreversible. And so it proves with Intel’s Skylake series of CPUs, which have already been earmarked for end-of-life. Skylake, we barely knew thee. Intel has announced that production of its Skylake processors is soon to be discontinued and the last shipments will be heading out to stores exactly one year from now.

For customers, this means you’re running out of time if you want to want to pick up a Skylake CPU. The Intel Core 6th Gen 6xxx CPUs are still a decent purchase if you want to avoid the overheating issues that can occur with 7th Gen Kaby Lake.

As part of Intel’s “product discontinuance programme support” for Skylake, the final order from retailers for Skylake chips will have to be in this December, while Skylake processors bought after March 2018 will not be eligible for returns. The absolute last time you’re going to be able to buy a brand new Intel Core i7-6700K, Intel Core i5-6500K or other Skylake CPU is September 2018.

The legacy of Skylake probably won’t be fondly remembered. They’re decent processors but with little competition from AMD at the time they were priced high considering the performance they offered. They’ll probably be most remembered for helping usher in the arrival of DDR4 memory, now an industry standard.

Intel’s seventh-gen Kaby Lake processors will shift up to fill the void left by Skylake, while the impending Coffee Lake will herald the arrival of Intel’s new line up of 8th Gen CPUs. The first round of these CPUs was revealed earlier this month, with the first Coffee Lake CPUs due to launch in October. By the time Skylake has gone for good in 2018, it’s likely Intel will already be moving onto its 10nm Cannonlake process shrink.

Any GD'ers clutching into their Skylake CPUs? How have you found them in the two years since launch?