I know there are plenty of you out there that don’t see eye to eye with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app. GeForce Experience now requires an account login to access, while many see it as bloatware, yet it arguably offers some fantastic features such as Shadowplay, Ansel and, of course, automatic driver updates and notifications.

If you want to avoid using it, a handy new utility has got you covered on this last front though. The Tiny Nvidia Update Checker is a lightweight tool which focuses on one thing, and one thing only - keeps your GeForce drivers up to date with no login required.

And that is basically that. It’s just a tiny little executable file that can be run to check for and download the correct drivers for your system. It can also be run using Windows Task Scheduler to automatically check for drivers as often as you like.

As an added bonus, TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker also includes an option to remove all of the telemetry collecting that Nvidia performs using its driver service. Added back in November 2016, Nvidia’s telemetry sends data back and forth to Nvidia based on your usage and performance. This alternate method of installing GeForce drivers has an option to remove this service, preventing Nvidia from farming your GPU data.

You can download the TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker v.1.8.0 from here. You’ll just need the executable as the HtmlAgilityPack.dll will automatically download when you run it.

Credit to Github user ElPumpo for putting this handy utility together.