The annual battle of the football titles is in full swing. PES 2018 had a few weeks advantage, but now FIFA 18 has entered the fray and amassed 1.6 million concurrent players during its first weekend on sale, equalling PUBG. The difference this time around is that PES 2018 is actually fantastic on PC for once, although those wanting the official teams and kits do have to some hunting around.

Konami is lending a helping hand with the first Data Pack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, adding in more than 100 new player faces, extra kits, and new boots for that added layer of authenticity.

All those faces have recreated using the Konami’s 3D face scanning technology, which apparently allows for even the smallest player details such as tattoos and the fit of their kit. During my time with PES 2018 have to say the likenesses are impressive, and they look a touch more lifelike than FIFA 18’s overly plasticine models.

“We are thrilled at the global reception we’ve seen for PES 2018 so far,” said Jonas Lygaard, senior director of brand development at Konami. “It has been the most successful PES launch to date and we’re glad fans of the game are impressed with the quality of the in-game experience we’ve been able to deliver.

"Our promise to offer the most realistic and accurate experience for our PES 2018 players is evident in our Data Packs. Our continued determination to ensure every detail of the game reflects real life is clear in the detail in these packs which our dedicated team continues to improve on.”

The PES 2018 data pack should download automatically for whichever version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 you're currently playing.

If you’re after the official team licenses, kits, etc, there are already files available over on the ever-reliable PES World. You can grab the PS4 options files from here, and the PC one from here. It’s still a work in progress but it provides up to date transfers, official kits, sleeve badges, logos and formations used.