Leaks and rumours are ten a penny in the gaming world, yet one over on ResetEra has certainly piqued our interest. The leaker in question goes by the name of Klobrille, and their rumours are given some credence due to a previous leak in which they revealed a new Age of Empires was coming, that Forza Horizon 3 would be set in Australia, State of Decay 2 would be announced and that Sea of Thieves would be an MMO-lite like Destiny. That’s a solid hit rate then, and the only thing Klobrille has got wrong so far is that Rare is working on a new Battletoads game. Or are they?

Anyway, back to the new rumours, and it sounds as if there could be some tantalising stuff on the, ahem, horizon for PC and Xbox fans.

Firstly, there is a new Fable game in development. Microsoft shuttered Lionhead last year so it would need to be a different studio working on this project, although Klobrille suggests a UK studio is heading up development.

Next up is Perfect Dark. The leaker claims Gears of War developer The Coalition is working on a new outing for Joanna Dark, although this time it’ll be a third-person action game.

Then there’s the small matter of Forza Horizon 4, which is almost assuredly coming out later this year. This will apparently be set in Japan, which seems like a great fit.

Other smatterings of info include four-player campaign co-op in Crackdown 3, a 'really high' player count in the next Halo (Battle Royale, anyone?), and the return of a mech franchise, possibly Mech Assault.

At this stage, these are all purely rumours, with Klobrille claiming this info was found in Microsoft’s database tables accessible through the Xbox Live API SDK. One thing is for sure - Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox exclusive lineup is incredibly barren. Considering it’s just released a $500 console that’s the most powerful in the world, this isn’t a great look. There has to be plenty of titles ready to be announced soon, and this looks like a reasonable enough list.

What are your thoughts on the leak, can you see Microsoft publishing these games? Could Fable be given another chance, possibly as a proper sequel? Let us know!

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