There’s been plenty of rumours swirling as to just when AMD would get its next-generation Ryzen ‘Pinnacle Ridge’ processors to market, although information from retailers now points toward a March 2018 launch for the Ryzen 2000-Series CPUs.

Multiple retailers in Japan have pegged a March launch for Ryzen 2, claiming this information has come to them through the supply chain. The second-generation Ryzen CPUs will be joined by a pair of new chipsets - AMD B450 and the premium tier AMD X470, both compatible with Socket AM4.

The current X370, B350, A320, X300 and A/B300 chipsets for Ryzen should all be forwards compatible, with the only major addition for the new B450 and X470 chipsets being the use of PCI-Express 3.0 for general purpose lanes.

AMD Ryzen 2 ‘Pinnacle Ridge’ will be based on the same Summit Ridge used for first-gen Ryzen this year, although the manufacturing process will shrink from 14nm to the 12nm node. This should provide a decent performance uplift in terms of raw clock speeds, as well as greater power efficiency. On top of this, AMD should be rolling in any further optimisations it’s made to the architecture since Ryzen’s arrival.

In terms of the rollout, the likely scenario points toward a similar rollout as last year. We’re expecting Ryzen 7 to launch first in March, shortly followed by Ryzen 5, and then Ryzen 3 in the summer.