While Star Citizen limps, perhaps to a release, Frontier continues to release plenty of content updates for Elite Dangerous, continuing with the imminent release of Season 3, dubbed Elite Dangerous: Beyond. The mysterious Thargoid alien race that has been spotted on the fringes of the galaxy is beginning to make its presence more keenly felt, with Elite Dangerous: Beyond set to be a multi-chapter series that explores how humanity copes with an aggressive alien presence.

First up is Chapter One, naturally, which Frontier has said is heading into open beta for PC players on January 25th. It’ll bundle in a whole raft of content additions, including a nippy new ship dubbed the Chieftain, story-based Wing Missions playable in co-op, visual improvements and an overhaul of the core mechanics. Engineering will be made more accessible, missions rewards are being overhauled, and there will be greater ramifications for operating outside of the law.

If you’re unwilling stray to the test servers, Chapter One will eventually be arriving as a free update at some point in Q1 2018, with Chapter Two and Three to follow later in the year.