We don’t usually cover many mobile games but 20 aspiring indie developers have topped the list of Google’s Indie Games Contest 2017 and will be showcased in a final event at the Saatchi Gallery in London this Tuesday, February 13th. The winner could be on course to win a €75,000 prize pool and a prominent place on the Google Play store.

Actually getting recognised in the hundreds of thousands of apps that flood the Android marketplace is no easy prospect, but the final line-up is pitched as the best of the best. A lot of the games are actually also on PC or heading to PC as well, so there’s plenty of ways to check them out.

Some of the finalists include Bridge Constructor Portal, Bury me my Love, Old Man’s Journey and Radium 2, which our own Shaheryar reviewed on Steam a few months back (8.5/10). It’s a list that certainly beats the current best sellers on the Google Play store, which is littered with the likes of Lords Mobile, Clash of Clans, Coins Master, Candy Crush Soda, Clash of Kings, Clash Royale and, well, you get the picture.

Indie Games Contest 2017 Finalists

  1. Old Man's Journey
  2. Radium 2
  3. The Big Journey
  4. The House of Da Vinci
  5. The Office Quest
  6. Unbalance
  7. Undervault
  8. Yellow
  9. A Planet of Mine
  10. Bridge Constructor Portal
  11. Bury me, my Love
  12. Captain Tom Galactic Traveler
  13. Core
  14. Fern Flower
  15. Flat Pack
  16. I Love Hue
  17. Jodeo
  18. Kami 2
  19. Kensho
  20. No More Buttons

If you’re spending a lazy Saturday morning wondering what you can play on the cheap, you can probably do a lot worse than checking out one of these 20 games available on the Play Store.