Last year, Bethesda took shock and awe road, announcing and releasing several games within a matter of months of its E3 press conference. With E3 2018, Bethesda’s done things a little differently. We’re looking years ahead here, with Bethesda Game Studios announcing its next three RPGs. There’s Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls VI, and, finally, confirmation that Starfield is the real deal.

Starfield is a space epic developed by Bethesda Game Studios, and their first new franchise in a mammoth 25 years. I’m of the opinion that it’s about time we took a break from Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and Starfield provides Bethesda with a real opportunity to stretch their legs and try out something new.

And, umm, that's just about it for what we know, at least officially. Just like Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield sounds as if it's still a ways off, although it's likely it's sandwiched between the releases of Fallout 76 and TESVI. 

Rumours have suggested that Starfield is going to be a first-person shooter and RPG hybrid. Whatever it is, Bethesda clearly wasn't willing to say just yet. We'd imagine it's keen to get Fallout 76 out the door first, before shifting attention over to Starfield.