The upcoming title Thief (Thi4f) is the next game in the Thief series. Rumours had already spread claiming Thief 4 would have a multiplayer.

Exciting times, the developers have now confirmed as well...

Producer Joe Khoury, of Eidos Montreal, more or less confirmed that Thief 4 will have a multiplayer. Eidos Montreal is also working on the multiplayer of Tomb Raider. However, the team was assembled to specialize in developping multiplayers, and not specifically Tomb Raider's multiplayer alone.

Rumours already surrounded the topic, claiming that Thief 4 would have a multiplayer. Rumours emerged due to LinkedIn vacancies. When asked Joe Khoury whether his team was working on a multiplayer of Thief 4, he gave the evasive answer "Who knows, it's certainly possible. I think that in the future communication between players is important."

Thief is a series of stealth-games, with the first Thief appearing in1998. The stealth concept was new and refreshing for the time, and the previous Thief games were received well. Due to this, Thief 4 is much anticipated by many gamers.


Would you like to see a multiplayer in Thief 4?