Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media the new owners of Volition and the Metro franchise, claims that the original scheduled release will remain as it is.

Metr: Last Light and Saints Row 4 coming in 2013

Publisher Deep Silver set their goal as a 2013 release period for their recently acquired IPs; Metro: Last Light and the next Saints Row game...

Klemens says that "Other publishers are very ambitious, but they aspire to grow their businesses in ways that aren’t healthy". Koch Media knows just where Deep Silver is situated in the game industry, and seeks a "less ambitious future" regarding their titles.

Klemens has "no doubt" that both games will be released this year, stating that they are not facing any setbacks that could interfere with the planned 2013 schedule.

Having purchased Volition studios and the rights to the Metro franchise, Deep Silver is gaining some attention, but at the same time strengthening their own reputation; so much so that today, one of their biggest games, Dead Island, has achieved the 5 million copies sold across the globe. "Dead Island has an incredibly active and enthusiastic community, and we are thrilled to welcome the five millionth player to the world of Banoi", says Klemens.

As a result, Klemens rightfully says: "Overall, Riptide has a very strong tailwind going into the launch". Dead Island: Riptide, their latest iteration on the franchise will release 26th April, just a few months from now.