There are many features you may want in a game, but normally players want one thing above all: to be involved.

It's a little worrying then when DICE are pushing the singleplayer campaign strongly for the upcoming Battlefield 4, but say their goal is "to create the perfect Battlefield movie"...

Battlefield 4 Singleplayer To Be The Perfect Battlefield Movie

In an interview with Edge, Patrick Bach had several interesting things to say about the game, much revolving around the work that was going into making the singleplayer campaign; something which traditionally is scorned in favor of the multiplayer elements.

Bach says that they are really trying to make the characters and events memorable, for you to have the same feeling playing with the AI as you do with your friends:

"...we want to move elements of multiplayer into singleplayer. If you’re playing multiplayer, you actually care about the guys in your squad, those are often your friends, they have their personalities, you help them, they help you, and they have their own mindset. Now we need to create a singleplayer that mimics that feeling."

I'll be honest, I don't often get to play online shooters with my friends, so I don't think the helping and caring aspect is true. It still shows an admirable goal however, especially since the team also don't want to use forced cutscenes.

"...we talk a lot about player autonomy. We want to keep the player as the player and be a part of all these scenes. If you have a dialogue, you should not be standing there and no-one cares about you. You need to be invited, someone is at least looking at you as you pass by"

Back also talked about how the team will not be adding gimmicks into the game, even popular ones such as motion controls. In fact, he extends the feeling to any in-game aspects, such as the free running and heavy smoke shown in the announcement trailer: "even if it looks great, if it’s not fun to play then it’s just a pretty picture".

So do you guys think the Battlefield 4 singleplayer will be worthwhile? Or should the team not spend as much time on it, and make the multiplayer even better? Tell us what you think!