Leaked pictures and benchmarks of the -probably- upcoming HD7730 have leaked on the Chinese forum 'Coolaler'. It's an MSI engineering sample clocked with the core and memory clocked at 800 and 4500MHz (effective) respectively.

Techpowerup thinks it's a crippled version of the recently released HD7790 with 448 stream processors and 28 TMU's. It's probably going to be sold at €65 - €75, as there are HD7750 cards available at less than €80.

AMD Radeon HD7730 Leaked and Benchmarked

Let's take a look at some more benchmarks:

On 3D 11 Firestrike HD7730 achieves a benchmark of 1680

On 3D 11 Cloudgate HD7730 achieves a benchmark of 11959

On 3D 11 Icestorm HD7730 achieves a benchmark of 101701

It seems that it's going to be about 30% faster than the current HD6670.

Do you think this HD 7730 graphics card has a place, or is there no room in this price bracket, with the HD6670 and HD7750 only Euros apart? Discuss in the comments below!

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