Now I know most of you won't be surprised about this, but there was still some hope that Battlefield 4 wouldn't have Day 1 DLC.

Well, it does, and the China Rising pack will be free to those who Pre-order the game...

Battlefield 4 Already Has Day 1 DLC - China Rising

Details are a little light on the ground, but we know that the pack will contain 4 China based maps, new high tech gear, and some new vehicles. All this is yours for free if you pre-order now!

There was still some hope that Battlefield wouldn't be releasing with a swarm of DLC, encouraging you to pay more for your $60 game. Especially DLC that contains large amounts of content that is otherwise missing from said $60 game when it's released.

Still, it's almost certain that there will be a Season Pass for the game, allowing you to pay a flat fee for all of the DLC coming over the next year or so.

Does Day 1 DLC encourage you to pre-order the game? Or is it just a bullying technique? Will you buy it anyway because it's Battlefield 4? Tell us below!