At this point it's quite clear that Microsoft are just discarding portions of their playerbase - even if you were willing to deal with the restrictive policies and always online, there's a good chance the console just won't work.

With just 21 countries supported out of the box, and region locking in effect, their massive social platform could be a bit deserted on launch day...

By Gamers, For Gamers....In Selected Countries Only

The Xbox One disclaimer shows us a list of supported countries, and it's depressingly small:

This rather small list leaves around 180 countries in the cold, who previously enjoyed Microsoft's Xbox 360. Here's another image that helps demonstrate just how few places can actually use the system:

If it wasn't for the region locking, people could still import the device, but Microsoft have confirmed that you will not be able to use any aspect of the system outside of the countries listed above. Here's an example twitter conversation with Microsoft explaining the above:

Not only will this harm consumers, it could harm developers - games like Metro: Last Light and The Witcher 3 have been developed in non-supported areas. It wouldn't be surprising to see Microsoft making Developer only licenses for non-supported locations.

So, if you want to play an Xbox One outside of the regions listed, it might be an idea to set yourself up as an Indie dev, which Microsoft have assured us they'll support wholeheartedly. Do you think Devs will get passes to use Xbox One's online? Will Microsoft bother expanding the supported areas? Tell us what you think!