The Playstation 4 has already announced a lot of features that make it very desirable, but there's always more potential.

It seems Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's head of Worldwide Studios, has tried the Oculus Rift and likes the peripheral, and won't deny that the PS4 will support it in the future...

Oculus Rift Could See PS4 Support

When asked about it, Yoshida said "We've got a couple of the [Oculus] development kits, and I tried it out and I love it." He did confirm that the PS4 will not support the device at release.

When pressed about future support however, the only answer was a "No comment", delivered with a big smile. This could of course be a simple press pleaser, but it doesn't rule it out, and the Oculus rift has been seeing a lot of impressive publicity lately.

The Oculus was being demonstrated at E3 with a new prototype running at 1080 x 1920 pixels; a vast improvement over the development kit which ran at a lower 800 x 1280. The prototype will not see the shelves at all, but the HD graphics are here to stay, and the commercial version will be at least this resolution or better.

Given the experiences we've had with the Oculus Rift at GD, the higher resolution will be the game winning feature - it was the only issue we had with the current development kit. Add on that this new screen is lighter and more responsive than the previous one, and it's no wonder everyone is expecting big things from the device.

Have you guys managed to try an Oculus Rift? Will the PS4 ever support it, or is that just marketing hype? Tell us what you think!