With the announcement of the Xbox One and it's strict policies, gamers across the globe quickly and loudly expressed their disapproval.

Microsoft has backtracked, removing many of the abhorred "features", and published on the official Xbox site an article stating how our feedback is important, and that they listened to our backlash...

The New And Improved Xbox One

This week, even the Navy Marines complained about the internet check every 24 hours, stating it prevents people without a steady connection or downright no access to internet from gaming with the Xbox One. Then, reports about Steam allowing games to be borrowed arose, which will be a large change for the monolith of PC gaming.

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business president, Don Mattrick, has now publicly announced that there will be no more online requirement for offline games, and that there will be no restrictions on reselling or lending physical games. On top of that, the region restrictions also seem to be a dropped idea; instead, Xbox One games will be playable anywhere, at any time, regardless of where you live, and that it'll work much like the Xbox 360 disc in a tray.

With the exception of the first day installation of the Xbox One, an internet connection being completely optional is a very positive change, allowing the Navy to enjoy their Xbox gaming overseas. Now, Xbox lovers won't need to buy an Xbox 360 if they have no access to an internet connection, like Mattrick himself suggested last week.

It's still not clear if the first time setup must be done in one of the 21 supported countries first, before being moved elsewhere - but it won't take long for pre-activated consoles to appear on the market if that's the case.

So, what a change of direction! This leaves both consoles on a much more level footing, with the PS4 having the price advantage and a bit more power in its hardware, while Microsoft still have the Kinect 2.0 bundled in and some strong exclusives.

Do you think this makes the Xbox One competitive now? Are you regaining some lost love for Microsoft? We know that Microsoft loves feedback, so why not provide some of it down below in the comment section, and let the debating begin!