It's always worth being careful when Valve news is concerned, as the secretive company is known for its community, who love to find and solve mysteries that aren't there.

Still, when two sources (one of them Valve themselves) claim something like the Steam Summer Sale date, it's probably true...

The E-mail Mentioning 11 July Starting Date

Both sources say that the Steam Summer Sale is set to begin tomorrow, 11th July. This information was leaked when a gamer got an email from Steam Support; you can see a copy of it on the right. The email was posted on the Steam Reddit page, and has caused much excitement.

The other source, Steam’s Russian payment partner QIWI, agreed with the date, but nobody took the information seriously at the time.

The Steam Summer Sale is a thing of legend, although many other online retailers are starting to have their own sales, with many of the same savings. Prepare to have your wallet drained as popular titles get anywhere upto 80% off, as well as incredible bundle deals.

Make sure you tell everyone what you bought at the sales; you might find more people to play it with!

So, have any of you guys gotten similar emails? Have you got your eye on any games in particular for this sale? Tell us below!