If you want to get in on the Payday 2 action early, you'll have to ask yourself a question - are you a Career Criminal?

If you've bought the special edition of Payday 2, you should now have your two beta keys; one for yourself and one to give away; and you can get straight into the game...

Payday 2 Beta Available For Career Criminals Only

The beta will have all of the features you're eager to see in the final version, including up to four player Co-operative play as well as all of the heists - in fact, as buyers of the Career Criminal special edition of the game, you'll have a load of blueprints of new places to rob, avoiding a bit of grind and giving you the freedom to rob who you want!

You should also have lots of goodies with the special edition, including the digital soundtrack and a discount on everything you buy for your heists (using in game cash, not real money).

The beta appears to be running until the game's release in August, and you can still purchase the special edition now if you're desperate to play - you can even upgrade your normal pre-order to the Career Criminal edition for the difference in the cost.

If you guys are playing the beta, let us know what it's like, and leave your comments below!