It was last years E3 that gave us our first glimpse of Watch Dogs, but the hype really started at the most recent E3, with the new IP gathering huge amounts of attention.

Ubisoft know that they have to plan forward though, and are intending to announce yet another brand new IP at the upcoming GamesCom...

Ubisoft Announcing A New IP At Gamescom

All we know about the title is that it will be next gen, and knowing Ubisoft, it will also feature full second screen functionality. It is very likely that this game will be the start of a new franchise, as Ubisoft have made it clear that they don't think one-off games are worth it these days.

With such strong titles as Assassins Creed, The Crew, and Splinter Cell under their belts (not to mention Watch Dogs coming up), they must have high hopes for this new IP; but what could it be?

Give us your suggestions on what you think the new game will be below!